Fixation opening title sequence (Finished)

This is our finished opening title sequence. I feel like this is very good and have enjoyed making this and editing it. I hope you will enjoy our opening title sequence too.

Final Animatic

We improved our animatic as it helped me improve when editing as i knew exactly where to pt the clips. I think this helped our final product as it helped bring the storyboard to life making the editing process slightly easier.

Evidence of editing

As the main editor of our media product I feel like I need to show some evidence that I have edited our project. I spent a lot of time on this and feel like it has turned out amazing and I am really proud of my work and how much i have progressed in editing. Down below is our finished project, the timeline that I have worked on putting all the clips together. I have done many drafts but unfortunately I deleted them thinking I will never need them I wish I could show screenshots of them to show how far my editing has come furthermore unfortunately some of the clips are missing and that is why some say media offline.



Order Of Titles

Typical order of titles

  1. Studio company  that distributes your film.
  2. Production company.
  3. In association with.
  4. Directors name.
  5. Movie actors.
  6. The film title.
  7. Assistant editor.
  8. Editor.
  9. Director of photography.
  10. Producer.
  11. Directed by.


We challenged the typical codes and conventions of a typical film and put the producer and director of photography in front of the editor. This is atypical of a thriller film however the order of the titles does work.


Was reviewing thriller movies and opening title sequences useful?

In my opinion I think that reviewing 1o thriller movies and reviewing 10 opening title sequences was very useful in the sense of it helped me and our group decide a sub genre and the plot of the film and helped me understand the codes and conventions of a thriller film.

I think that reviewing 10 thriller movies was very useful for me as it helped me understand what makes a good thriller movie and what makes a bad thriller movie. it helped me understand about the cliches in a thriller movie. Now I think i am good at pointing out bad things about thriller movies and hopefully we wont put any of those in our opening title sequence. I reviewed a wide range of thriller films to help me get a wider range of understanding in all the thriller sub-genres this helped me and my group decide on the best thriller sub genre to make a opening title sequence.

I think that reviewing 10 thriller opening title sequences was very useful in understanding the codes and conventions of a thriller opening sequence. I found out alot about thriller titles and the sound and visuals. I explored every aspect closely and this helped our group come up with a opening title sequence therefore was very useful.

Our Groups Progression

So far i am really enjoying working in our group and i think we have come a really long way in terms of progression since we started our continuity task. We are alll working really well together and we have not argued and we all listen to each others ideas and take them into consideration when coming up with a idea. We have all done more reasech into the job roles that were given to us and you can definitely tell from our first task to our main task how much our group has come.

All of our group are really enjoying the roles we have been given and have improved on doing our jobs a lot since we first started media as we have a deeper understanding of what each job role should do.

Izzy is a really good director as  the director controls a film’s artistic and dramatic aspects, and visualizes the script while guiding the technical crew and actors in the fulfillment of that vision. Izzy is doing a great job of this as she is helping us come up with ideas and deciding the final idea.


Serena is the Director Of Photography (DOP) and she is doing a really good job as this role as DOP’S are the chief over the camera crews working on a film, television production or other live action piece and is responsible for making artistic and technical decisions related to the image. Serena is doing a great job and the camera angles and the mix of shots she uses are amazing and help the sequences look really good.


Georgia is the producer and again is doing an amazing job. Producers shape the idea into a viable film, raise the money, hire the director, choose the cast, oversee production and post-production and find locations and props to film with. She has done all of these and has found us lots of locations and actors to help us film our tasks.


I am the editor and think i have progressed in my understanding and practical use of editing. film editing is the art, technique, and practice of assembling shots into a coherent sequence. The job of an editor is not simply to mechanically put pieces of a film together, cut off film slates, or edit dialogue scenes. I think i am now a good editor as i understand how to use editing software’s effectively and efficiently and think I have progressed in my understanding a lot since the first task. I know when to apply certain transitions and understand how long a clip should be.


I am really enjoying working in this group as we are very creative and work very well as a team.

Codes and Conventions of a Crime Thriller

For our opening title sequence we have chosen to pick the genre crime thriller. Here are some of the things we had to take into account when creating the opening title sequence:


  • lots of close ups of the characters to show their emotions and feelings.
  • Long shots to help establish the location as well as establish what the characters are doing.
  • Body language is used to show how the character is feeling.
  • Fast paced music to create suspense.
  • Dark lighting to help create suspense.
  • don’t give much of the story away near the start.
  • Immoral.
  • Self-destructive.
  • Rivalry with other criminals.
  • Enigmas.
  • Investigation.
  •  Antagonist in danger.
  • Fast Pace.
  • Complex Narrative.

In our opening title sequence we have included lots of these codes and conventions. These will all help to make our opening title sequence seem like it is a crime thriller.